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Check out Summon the Octopi's new video and 2nd single "It's Been Sick, So I Tried To Feed It Some More..." off the debut EP 'Nonversations'.

Music video by Mikael Schallock

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"...a very real contender for EP of the year." 8.5/10  - Alt Dialogue

"I can't praise this EP enough, it's just incredible."  - Holdupnow


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Grab the 'Nonversations' EP now and get a FREE StO poster & Sober Up badge.

6 tracks clocking in at ~ 20 minutes in a neat 4 page lancing pack. 

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Sober Up Records proudly presents their new signing: Summon the Octopi

Listen up and submerge into the instrumental post-rock world of the Octopi. A one dude band from Berlin, Germany writing, playing and recording all instruments creating a sonic collage of buzzing abyss, delicate romance and intricate grooves that will keep you on your toes, auditorily dissecting the vast influences that acted as ingredients to this truly unique recipe.

Summon the Octopi's debut EP'Nonversations' is due November 17th 2014 and will drop jaws like lollipops from babies mouths. Whilst one track will engulf you into a dream like realm, the next has the power to put you into a manic state whizzing like the Tasmanian devil. 
For now, catch a taster of what's to come with the Octopi's first single and music video 'Apricots Apricate (Alligators Alligate)' out August 18th.

Music video by Mikael Schallock


Summon the Octopi is: Marc Vogler

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Credits: Models - Lisa du Plessis, Ana Fry, David Rogers & Adam Gabriel Fine - Lisa du Plessis Photography

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TANG logo screen printed on a Black/White Fruit of the Loom Pocket T-Shirt with the logo printed stylishly onto the pocket.

White TANG logo screen printed onto a Black Gildan soft style fit.

Credits: Models - David Rogers & Adam Gabriel Fine - Lisa du Plessis Photography 

Design by Noyemie Oundjian


TANG’s 3rd album Dynamite Drug Diamond is out in the UK & Ireland today!
Pick up one of the cool jewel case editions in our web store for £7.99 + p&p.

Alternatively you can purchase the track digitally in our web store or at all major retailers.
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A couple radio stations have already started to add TANG to their playlist & there’s more to come so while you’re at it, join us on our Facebook & Twitter page for more detailed & regular updates.

Over the next weeks we’ll have some sweet merch coming in so look out for that.
More news to come – Stay tuned!



Sober Up Records proudly unveils their first signing – TANG + the official U.K release date of their 3rd album Dynamite Drug Diamond (04/11/13).

Previous Press: (translated from French)


"Tang has outgrown their own talent and now rule the metal playground." (FD)



"Genius, unbelievable, sublime and compelling...

My quest for this year’s masterpiece is no more. Tang should now be revered." (Vincent Duke) 





"Tang cherish intensity and have invented a form of auditory yoga. (Felix Lejeune)



Go to the Artist section for more info on TANG or click HERE.


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