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"...a very real contender for EP of the year." [8.5/10]

"I can't praise this EP enough; it's just incredible."

"Summon the Octopi’s debut EP ‘Nonversations’ ... is one of my top EPs for the year."

'Nonversations' is in the Top 10 EPs of 2014 in the Japanese 'People People People!':

"ベルリンのポストロックバンドSummon the OctopiのデビューEP。



"All in all, Nonversations is a terrific effort by the self-described "one-dude band from Berlin, Germany." " [7.5/10]

"This act are defying the genres that surround them and creating something of their own."

"Germans are stereotypically known for their precision and efficiency. This, the debut release from Berlin based post-rock purveyors Summon The Octopi does nothing to refute such cliches. The musicianship is precise, working in elements of mathrock, and the enjoyment is efficiently achieved. Danke."

Listed in 
Ondes Chocs' *4 albums to Discover* in November 2014:

"Alors à “Nonversations“, je dis oui! Très belle découverte!" 

"SUMMON THE OCTOPI claque la bouteille de champagne sur la coque du bâteau en s'intronisant avec beaucoup de talent dans l'univers Post-Rock."

"...erfrischend, dass SUMMON THE OCTOPI hörenswert versucht, eigene Wege zu gehen, ohne sich vollends auf Genre-Standards zu verlassen." [7/10] 

"Il sound è radicato su strutture post-rock caratterizzato da ritmi non sempre lineari, una leggera nota psichedelica e passaggi canalizzati sia su trame robuste che su quelle melodiche."

"Thankfully, Summon The Octopi don’t sound like every other band…There is a true originality to every track"

"'s hard not to just go with the flow and allow the instruments to just take over."

"Summon The Octopi do a really good job of keeping you on your toes..." [7/10]

"Vogler pushes forward the post-rock aesthetics on his latest recording." [4/5]

"This is music to take in large draughts as the more you explore, the more you will be enthralled."

"Un disque original et surprenant, entre post-rock instrumental délicat et rock abyssal torturé..."

"I would highly recommend giving it a listen."

"Post rock that produces eargasms so profound that your mind explodes into a trillion pieces, reforms, then blows again!"

"Nonversations often looks like one thing but keeps turning into something different while you're not looking. Pay close attention..."

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