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"...the kind of music that leaves you wanting to punch a hole in the wall"

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' Metal Talk Review  (4/5)

"The guitars are relentless as they swirl to the mix of angst-driven barking and shouting and emotive singing...
All of those involved in shaping and sculpting this album should be quietly proud of what they have achieved."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' Plugged In Promotions Review

"TANG’s indescribably unique, genre-defying sound is something to be admired in this day and age of seemingly endless cookie-cutter, post-hardcore wannabes."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' Mute Print Review

"Screams out anger, bad break-ups and sleepless nights....with strong harmonies and tuneful singing, which are still ringing in my head hours later."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' REVIEW

"Elements of Hardcore and Metalcore done to perfection"

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' All About The Rock Review  (7/10) 

"Overall the album is full of thoughtful metal songwriting and interesting details in the songs."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' Music Underground Review

"TANG’s take on the hardcore sound is exhilarating, from their successful experimentations with orchestral instruments to their triumph over spoken word. Their music is a perfect example of a contrast of tensions — aggressive and intense, but fragile and melodic altogether."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' Funeral Sounds Review   (7.8/10)

"…an excellent addition to a surely great discography already. Tang has forcefully put themselves on the map with this release"

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' Fear Zine Review

"This album is definitely worth a listen if you like sharp emo style post-hardcore"

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' REVIEW

"This album really explodes, sparkles and is intently addictive, proving a great title for a great album... Bringing a unique twist to the post-hardcore world."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' REVIEW

"TANG are great at mixing hardcore and poetry... The Music they create isn't just post-hardcore, it's deep with meaningful lyrics and beautiful poetry"


"a French accent twist...brings a nice charm and originality to their sound, making them stand out... this is a great release."

TANG - 'Dynamite Drug Diamond' REVIEW

"Tang have chosen a good album for their first attempt to crack the UK market."

"With more melodic screaming songs than before and a faster tempo, the song structures can make you think of Comeback Kid in the album “Broadcasting” or of Underoath with “They’re Only Chasing Safety”...

Dynamite Drug Diamond is a real success, a killing, a total hit not experienced for a long

"Dynamite Drug Diamond holds all the cards. The intensity, the raw emotion, the
violent harmony...

As far as wild energy and gripping melodies I must confess I have not been rock
slapped so hard since Billy Talent’s “II” album. Tang is giving us a high flying record that will
unsettle competitors and will enthrall the masses. Awesome."

"Another Success, Dynamite Drug Diamond is excellent from start to end."


"Dynamite Drug Diamond is the album we were waiting for. Still with the same
electrifying tension now in version 3.0 Tang’s music has blossomed."

"Splendid is the word. As volatile as dynamite, addictive as a drug, sparkling as a
diamond. This third album is simply excellent. Do yourself a favor, treat yourself by buying
Dynamite Drug Diamond I guarantee you it will become a permanent resident in your CD
player. "


"Tang is giving us the album we were hoping for faithfully. Sticking to their guns and their musical style."


"Tang has grown up and undoubtedly matured on Dynamite Drug Diamond. The result
matches all expectations. The songs are even more powerful. The vocal range and choices
even more effective and the tension more palpable in its intensity."


"The spark is still there, the rock influence and the vibe of the previous albums
are still present with added angst and energy."

"Dynamite Drug Diamond is a concentrate of raw emotions at the edge of
consciousness... 48 minutes of intense rock, both sharp and delicate at the same time."



"We all know Tang are special. This album tears off your flesh inch by inch and
then takes you on a journey through a field of needles and rusty nails. Where pain becomes
pleasure and pleasure becomes pain. Once the album reaches its final chord that’s when you
will receive the biggest punch to the face. Dynamite Drug Diamond is incredible."

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