Summon the Octopi


Sober Up Records proudly presents their new signing: Summon the Octopi.

Listen up and submerge into the instrumental post-rock world of the Octopi. A one dude band from Berlin, Germany writing, playing and recording all instruments creating a sonic collage of buzzing abyss, delicate romance and intricate grooves that will keep you on your toes, auditorily dissecting the vast influences that acted as ingredients to this truly unique recipe.

Summon the Octopi's debut EP'Nonversations' is out now and will drop jaws like lollipops from babies mouths. Whilst one track will engulf you into a dream like realm, the next has the power to put you into a manic state whizzing like the Tasmanian devil.


Music video by Mikael Schallock


Music video by Mikael Schallock 


Summon the Octopi is: Marc Vogler

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