Sober Up Records proudly unveils their first signing – TANG + the U.K release date of their 3rd album Dynamite Drug Diamond (04/11/13).

Gaining forceful momentum and captivating the media’s attention TANG's debut “This Quietness Booms…” steered them towards Sweden’s Tonteknik Studios (RefusedPoison The WellThe Hives) recording their follow up “Another Thousand Days…” in collaboration with Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg, mixing the record.

Turning heads like owls and activating ears like bionic listening devices “Another Thousand Days…” confirmed the undeniable force cultivated. Their interpretation of Poetic Post-Hardcore is a blend of beauty, passion and angst sonically transmitting one on a journey exposing the pleasure in pain. Attempts to musical comparisons by the media have been an intriguing combination of At the Drive-In and Refused.

TANG’s latest album (2012) Dynamite Drug Diamond (Twist & Shout/Emolution) was mastered in Florida, USA by triple Grammy award winning audio mastering engineer Bob Katz. Although they've toured Europe extensively and their vocals are in English, the U.K have unintentionally been neglected until now. Armed with an official U.K re-release date and brand new packaging the fiery French foursome are equipped with ample ammunition blasting the unexpected with Dynamite Drug Diamond. Prepare to be Rock-slapped!



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TANG is:

Xavier Damaray - Guitar & Vocals

Bastien Gournay - Drums & Vocals

Maxime Hedouin - Bass

Sebastien Caplier - Guitar

Gaël Nocq - Lyrics



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